ScoopWhoop: Your Mom When You Forget To Bring Your Dabba Home

This is exactly how our mother feels whenever we forget to bring back our dabba home. Don't forget to share this video with your family.

Cast: Vijay Lakshmi | Akshay
Screenplay & Direction: Satyam Jha Suman
Creative Supervision: Prithwish Barman
Concept: Antil Yadav
Script: Naveen Dhankhar
DOP: Abhijeet Chaudhari
Editor: Manbodh Panwar
Design: Aroop Mishra
Animation: Amarjeet Singh
Executive Producer: Ankit Doomra
Production: Harun Habeebulla
Stylist: Girisha Bharti
Sound Design: Mayank Vashishth
Sound Recordist: Dhananjay Singh
Make-up: Kajri


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