ScoopWhoop: Annoying Things Comic Book Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Every once in a comic book fan's life, there comes a time when they meet people who have no idea of the comics universe and what follows is a non-sensical barrage of annoying queries.

Here's how a comic book fan really feels.

Cast -
Kanishk Priyadarshi | Abhijeet Bhatt
Aditya | Rohi | Ishaan.

Concept - Sonali Mushahary | Smrutisnat Jena
Script and Direction - Akshay Nayar
D.O.P- Abhijeet Chaudhari
Asst. D.O.P - Rohit Biswas
Editor - Amit Malviya
Producer - Harun Habeebulla
Creative Supervision - Prithwish Barman | Luke Dewars | Sonali Mushahary
Animation - Amarjeet Singh
Graphics - Aakansha Pushp
Sound - Dhananjay Singh

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