ScoopWhoop: That One Friend Who Badly Needs To Go Shopping

We all have that one friend who will go to any lengths to avoid buying new clothes. What happens when you confront them?

Get your tickets to Brand Factory's Free Shopping Weekend and update your wardrobe for free:

Cast - Kanishk Priyadarshi
Supporting Cast - Utsav Narula | Satyam Jha | Raghav | Sonali
Script : Aditya Dubey | Shray Chawla | Shilpa Agarwal
Director - Pranjal Dua
Editor - Amit Malviya
DOP - Abhijeet Chauhdary
Executive Producer - Ankit Doomra
Producer - Harun Habeebulla
Stylist - Girisha Bharti
Production Assistant - Sanchit
Project Head - Bikash Borah
Sound Recordist - Sunil Khanna
Make up - Uma Vyas
Music - Audionetwork
Design And Animation - Rashi Khandelwal | Amarjeet Singh


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