ScoopWhoop: Every Diwali Ever

All of us have lived these moments during Diwali. Comment and let us know which one is your favourite. Happy Diwali.

Director - Satyam Jha Suman
Actors- Vijay Lakshmi | Pavneet Singh| Manu Bisht | Shayon | Sreeraj TK | Astha Saxena | Avinash | Umesh | Jainul | Meenu
Script - Antil Yadav
DOP- Abhijeet Chaudhari
Editor - Sunil Mathur
Production - Girisha Bharti | Sanchit Thukral
Executive Producer - Ankit Doomra
Creative Supervisor - Prithwish Barman | Antil Yadav
Graphics - Amarjeet Singh
Sound Recordist - Dhananjay Singh


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